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Q: Does the Halo Snap Photo Booth come with a Back Drop?

A: The Halo Snaps 5′ x 5′ Booth comes as a full enclosure with a backdrop inside.


Q: Where does this Photo Booth Print Out?

A: The standard Halo Snaps experience does not print out but allows for digital upload. Printing can be purchased as an Add On.


Q: Do I need Wifi to throw a party?

A: Yes, to upload images and share them real time Wifi is needed. To print all that is needed is a Power Source.


Q: What Props come with the event?

A: Props are available for rent through Halo Snaps or you can provide your own at no additional cost.


Q: Does each Photo Session get a custom layout?

A: Yes…


Q: How long after our event can we access our photos?

A: Your photos will remain on our server forever.


Q: What if someone takes an inappropriate photo?

A: Once this photo is found it will be deleted from Halo Servers immediately.


Q: Do you allow fundraising opportunities?

A: Yes, Halo Snaps works closely with local Schools and Non Profits.